12 September 2009

New Player Resources: Tools

I'm sure most everyone has seen the learning curve graph that illustrates just how hard being a capsuleer is. Thankfully, there are a few tools to help make our lives easier.


EveMon is a tool that helps with skill planning. It lets users build multiple training queues for multiple characters. It lets users build skill queues not only from a directory of skills, but from certificates and a directory of ships and modules. Users can easily add all skills required for that shiny ship.

EveMon also offers suggestions on training skills to shorten training time, and will recalculate attributes. It also lets users play around with the effects of implants.

Eve Fitting Tool

Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) is a ship fitting tool. It will let users play around with ship fittings. It easily imports and exports to and from the game, BattleClinic, and the clipboard. It will also import character skills via the API and indicate which fittings are possible and display the stats of the fitting with the current skills. Users can even change skills to see the effects of a little more training.


Capsuleer is an iPhone application that shows the current status of the servers and characters. It is very useful of keeping track of when the skill queue will end or keeping tabs on the wallet.

It even has a built in blog reader, though I have to admit to just using Google Reader through Safari. Capsuleer will let users opt out of blogs included in the pack, but it won't let users add non-pack blogs.

If anyone wants to suggest more general-use Eve tools, please do so in the comments.

There are some use-specific tools that I'll list later, such as mining and POS calculators and invention aides.

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