20 September 2009

New Player Resources: Navigation

New Eden is a big place. Many potential capsuleers are discouraged by the stories of traveling through several systems, gate to gate to gate, taking hours to reach a destination. The stories sometimes include having to return, or being attacked before nearly reaching the destination and finding themselves back in a clone vat.

While travel is an issue that figures heavily into the lives of capsuleers, it doesn't need to be one that dominants our lives.

All capsuleers should know their surrounds, understand the CONCORD security ratings and the dangers that can face them when they leave the station.

The Evelopedia and Grismar's Eve Wiki both have good articles on security status.

It is important to point out that even with the protection of CONCORD, there are those that would be willing to lose their own ship for the chance to destroy someone elses. These suicide pirates usually have a friend waiting nearby in a hauler to loot the spoils.

Maps of New Eden can be invaluable. I personally have either a hardcopy of the Ombey maps or the DotLan maps open.

Something else that helps is technique of making safespots. Safespots are bookmarks away from any celestial object. They are harder for pursuers to find, often buying enough time to buy an escape. Warping back and forth between a series of good safespots can sometimes keep you completely safe from harm. Grismar's Eve Wiki has a good article on Advanced Bookmarking.

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