29 September 2009

New Player Resources: Missioneers

I am really not a mission runner. I have run missions in the past. After all, I needed access to some very selective agents for research projects. Now that I am representing Odinsdagrting, I need to run some more missions. As do my corpmates.

The best place to start with missions is with the Evelopedia. That may feel like a lot, but it is merely information to help make your job easier. Very little of it is actually required for anyone that wants to accept a mission and begin.

To begin, one just needs to find an agent. The easiest way is to find an appealing corporation and look at that corporation's information (the little blue "i"). For corporations with agents, there is an agents tab. It will list the agents under the divisions for which they work. The division affects the frequency of the mission types offered. This interface will also group agents that are available and ones that are not.

Looking at the information of each individual agent (right-click and Show Info) will show the required standings.

Another easy way to find agents is with the Eve-Online Agent Finder.

There are some mission survival guides to help when determining if a mission will be too much to handle. Once in a mission, there is the HelpMyMission channel run by BorisHotch. The HMM channel has its own website, but there are also resources at HelpMyMission.com and Song Li's Missions Collide. I am not a missioner, but I have enjoyed the Missions Collide podcast.

Some tips that can not be stressed enough:

Keep checking on current standings and the required standings. Don't keep running missions for that same ol' agent, when there is a better quality or higher level agent eager with work. Don't turn down those storyline missions.

The destroyer and battlecruiser were made for kill missions. They have enough high slots to mount weapons and salvagers. And few things are sexier than the Cyclone and Cyclonette. Though, I will admit, I do enough the Hurricane and Drake.

Kill missions may be fun, and may pay well, and do have lot and salvage, but courier missions can be completed faster. If you are only interested in standing, then don't be ashamed of getting a tramp freighter knocking out those carebear-ish courier missions.

There are several Social skills which affect standings and one's ability to negotiate better payment. There are also a series of agent type-specific Connections skills that may be hard to come by. Unlike most skills available from universities, these are largely only available from loyalty point stores.

Loyalty points can, eventually, be redeemed for faction gear, including faction ships. Try to stay with one corporation for as long as possible.

For those who are serious mission runners, they may want to consider COSMOS agents or Epic Mission Arcs.

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