17 September 2009

The Business of My Blog

I'm not sure how I've gotten into this, but I have a queue of "New Player Resources" that I am planning on writing. I feel as though I am neglecting my blog, for anyone who may actually be reading it.

I want to break for a moment and give some highlights of things I'm planning and where I am.

First, I'd like to give a mention for Amon Tor, Tuxtoo, and Marten Scholen.

Amon is a former SGer who has made his way down to Metropolis. Tuxtoo and Marten are the newbies that I've been able to talk into getting into pods. We'll see if they like it.

As to my plans: I have several more New Player Resources kicking in my head that I'm looking forward to putting down. I'm not sure how I wound up in this role of tour guide to education, but I've gotten good feedback. I'm also having to explain some things to Tuxtoo and Marten, so I feel it is relevant.

Mynxee started a conversation in Hellcats Pub about having a new commute that was giving her less time to read blogs, and more time to listen to podcasts. The problem is, there are so many blogs and so few podcasts. There was a "blogs-on-tape" idea.

Song Li, of Missions Collide may run with this. I think she is going to take it in a slightly different direction, but I am looking forward to it.

And, it gives me an idea to reprise my New Player Resources in an audio format. I'd be more than happy to simply record them and let someone else edit them down and produce them in their own show. If only I weren't born in The South. I may have a face for radio, but I clearly don't have the pipes.

I do wish to continue my Riftering project. I haven't had time for PvP lately, and what time I have had, I've spent in FW fleets manning the Blackbirds.

I also want to revisit my run in with the nogero cartel, and through that expand on some conversations that I've had recently, mostly in Hellcats Pub.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to try and pad my wallet in Metropolis with some Gallente T2 production. I've gotten my first T2 rig BPCs. I'm not sure how well these will sell since the components are still hard to come by. I suspect the prices will fall as the increased drop rates trickle through the market.

All the same, I have the ability to build, among other things, Medium Drone Mining Augmentor IIs. They are much more expensive to produce then I imagined they would be. I think they are very handy, and I'm sure there is a market, but we'll have to see how that balances out.

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