01 August 2009

A-Riftering: The Beginning

I did it. I dropped a bit more money then I expected purchasing 12 Rifters and the modules. I have them near the frontier, and as I have time, I'll take them out and try to find some small PvP engagement in which to lose them.

I also have a Breacher that someone left adrift outside a station. I'm actually kind of surprised by the damage output, but it isn't notably fast or strong. I'm sure it will be fun.

I have a question on which type of ammo to carry. My loadouts just have Republic Nuclear S and Gremlin rockets by default, but I haven't actually purchased ammunition, yet. Any advice would be helpful. I'm wondering if it is worth taking different types and reloading the weapons before warping to the target.

My fleet Blackbirds only carry Widowmakers. I expect to see more Amarr ships than not, and I expect them to be armor tanked. ('Course, I could be completely remembering their poorest resist or the damage type that Widowmakers do). Besdies, I realize the Blackbird really isn't in theater to do damage.


I've developed two different loadouts for my Rifter project. This one is a very standard AC loadout for close-quarters engagements. I have six of these, and will start with these. I expect to do what every Rifter pilot does, orbit at 500m and hope I can eat through their tank before they eat through mine.

The challenges will be just finding targets and avoiding those that clearly outclass me. Once I'm engaged, there is really only two things for me to worry about, pulsing the repper and toggling the overheat.


This loadout is much more my style. It avoids close-quarters, opting to use speed and tackle modules to dictate a range that should be outside of that of most other frigates. This doesn't sacrifice any defenses over the Aggressor-class loadout, but it does deal less damage.

I'll start on these six after the other six have been lost. By that time, I may actually decide to drop the repper in favor of a MWD. Besides which, I don't actually have Rocket Specialization, so I'll train that.

The challenges here will include keeping my range. Simply electing to orbit the target could be bad.


  1. Whuh? On the aggressor one fit Barrage instead of sucky Nuclear. Now you've got 9k ish range including fallout and way better DPS. On the ranger one, drop the rocket launcher (you may as well be in the aggressor one if you're ducking about at 10k), and put in either an offline SB for overheating or just leave that 4th slot empty. Switch the web for a tracking disruptor since you'll be outside web range.

  2. Barrage has a tracking penalty. Is it worth taking that penalty? I don't really see the Aggressor-class needing to worry about range, and for that reason I would see EMP making more sense than Nuclear.

    I don't see the point in dropping the rocket launcher on the Ranger-class. Yes, it won't reach as far as the warp disruptor (20Km), but it should reach just over 12Km.

    Switching the webifier for a tracking disruptor doesn't make but so much since, sense I'll be engaging at such a range and speed that tracking me isn't the problem. Dropping the webifier to fit a MWD might be nice, though.

  3. Yea i am not sure you would want to fly the ranger ship. Just fit EMP and Barrage, they are worth it!