12 August 2009

Gate Guns Hurt

I went on a solo roam again in Aggressor. It was pretty quiet, until I happened into a system with a lone neutral. She wasn't just any neutral, she belonged to the Caldari Praetorian [C.P.G]. That was a neutral corporation that I didn't mind engaging.

I warped around the system. I scanned. I docked at each of the two stations. I found nothing.

Either she was constantly moving just in the right rhythm to avoid me, she was in a safe spot so far from anything that my directional scanner wouldn't find her, or she was in a cloaked ship.

It didn't matter, she left system just in time for seven Amarr militia to enter. Clearly, she alerted them.

I say that because I left quickly, and there she was. They came quickly. They followed me for two jumps.

I also say that because of our second encounter. I was roaming again quietly, and there was a report of another single target in a system that was on my way. It was just a jump from the fleet that chased me before, but perhaps they wouldn't be around.

Bad intelligence kills.

I was on the gate to enter the system with the report, and the Praetorian enters the system from that gate. I assume at this point that she is alone, since the militia intelligence wasn't that old. She is in a Buzzard, which explains why I never found her.

I was so excited to have found her and found her in a ship that I was willing to engage that I did.

The first volley from the gate guns removed my shields and half my armor. The gate began flashing, too. That fleet from earlier, a fleet of Amarr militia who could engage me on the gate, was entering the system.

Once Aggressor was destroyed, I warped away in my pod.

That was, simply put, incredibly stupid on my part.

Eleven more to go.


  1. At least you didn't follow a noob in an omen into a high-sec system, find out which belt he's in, and attempt to engage.

    (Not that *I*'d ever do something like that -.-)

  2. I'll never forgot the one time I got super excited about a Hulk in a belt, engaged and then looked up to see CONCORD melting the shit out of me.