19 August 2009

Applying to Corporations

I've finally done it.

I mentioned a while back that I needed to join a corp. Now that I've gotten my T2 production infrastructure in place, and I'm happily churning along with Project A-Riftering, I decided I'd start approaching some corporations.

I started with an application to Dark-Rising, even though I would have to say that is not the coolest of corp names.

I have a concern though, that in trying to help a high- or low-sec corp, I'm going to cut my own source of funding. Not sure how they would address that. When living in 0.0, I didn't mind dedicating all of my research and manufacturing slots to the corp since there were plenty of ways to make money. 0.0 is just crazy rich like that. We'll see how things shake out here.

Aside from 0.0 and piracy, if anyone has any industrial, PvP (Minmatar militia, perhaps) corps they want to recommend, I'd enjoy entertaining them.

1 comment:

  1. It's not 0.0 or piracy...it's Ninja Salvaging.

    Some people relate it to piracy, because we like to mess with people...but it's really not. We don't mine, we don't do missions (a lot...face it...everyone needs standing sometimes), we do a little pvp when Mission runner shoot at us, but mostly...we scan people down and salvage their wrecks and loot their loots.

    If you like to play the good guy it's probably not for you. But if you want to enjoy yourself in eve, Suddenly Ninjas is a great place to be :)