15 May 2009

The Return to Capsuleering

I've been back in a capsule now for a couple months, after being out for nearly a year. I cleaned up most of my junk and settled into Tuuriainas. I ran some missions for Core Complexions and picked up a third research agent and played around with producing some tech 2 BPCs.

Then, I was eager to get back into a warship.

I have been in 0.0. I have been in a war with and against some big alliances. I've lived in Delve, in Fountain, in Outer Ring. And I've lived in some low sec regions, such as Aridia.

I don't want to dive right in to that. I'm trying to fit capsuleering back into my schedule. So, I have moved to Elgoi, and I am experimenting some more with tech 2 production and with Faction Warfare.

We'll see how this turns out.

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