24 May 2009

I am not a Spy

I am not a spy.

Saying that however, wouldn't accomplish anything, so I don't.

This evening, in the militia channel, is the second time I've been accused of being an Amarr spy. I don't take it seriously, and I hope that they don't mean it seriously, but I would rather they not say it unless they truly mean it. Aside from just bumming me out slightly, I'm afraid someone might take it seriously.

I did get into a fleet under Bahamut420. I began the evening in my newly refitted Jaguar, Jestyl II. This was her first action since the Outer Ring, and she did wonderfully.

The fleet changed ships and I returned to Ctino Cipni. We traveled to Old Man Star to engage some Caldari. Not only did CC do well, but she even laid a final blow.

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