15 May 2009

Comms in the Militia

I'm something of a detail oriented person. I tend to like ordered systems. They help to focus things. Being focused keeps one alive longer.

Not that death is much more than an uncomfortable hassle.

I join a militia fleet, and leave high sec in my Hound, making my way toward my cache of warships in the contested region. I ask calmly on the fleet chat if there is a preference as to which ship I should bring to rally with the fleet. It doesn't seem to matter which ships I have fitted and ready to go. As soon as I mention the Blackbird, that gets the votes. I don't even have to mention that it is tech 2 fitted.

I slip the Hound into her berth and have my pod mated with the Blackbird on hand, Ctino Cipni. I have another fitted Blackbird, Prospero, waiting to step up when this one is lost.

I have four more Blackbirds waiting to be assembled in Elgoi.

Once I join up with the fleet, I remind myself again that Blackbirds are slow (and ugly). They are, after all, Caldari.

There is a fleet commander, but he hasn't really focused the fleet, yet. There are twenty-four capsuleers spread over five systems. The comm chatter is lively.

Lively is a polite way of saying there are several capsuleers who are inebriated. I long for my old corp in 0.0.

These are fun guys. Some of these capsuleers are real stand-up and will go out of their way to help. They look out for the fleet, and they, for the most part, focus on the war at hand.

But the chatter does get so bad that at times that the orders are not clear. When one fleet commander leaves, the next doesn't always assert his authority, so there is a period of anarchy.

In my head, I just recall the disciplined comms of my old corp, "Break Vol."

"Go, Vol."

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