08 July 2009

EVE Blog Banter #9

I want to recommend everyone heading over to CK's to read the latest blanter posts. There was a competition this month. I wanted to participate, but I couldn't find it in me. Everything that I'd want to remove was really just a different way of saying I wanted to add something else (no NPC pirate factions cause those are voids that could be filled by PC pirate factions), or were ideas so outlandish that they couldn't possibly ever be implemented (you may log off, but your character never leaves and executes some scripted orders, even if they are "watch that research slot").

Besides, I've been busy lately, and have found it hard to get time to really focus on writing.

Between being busy and suffering more than my fair share of lag, I've gotten my T2 manufacturing operation running smoothly. Regrettably, I keep loosing money on other things, so I haven't been able to invest in any new BPOs. And the production I've got going, while making some money, is taking all of my research slots. I do seriously want to join a corporation, but I feel silly since I don't have but so much to offer.

But, I have a friend that will be selling his carrier and spending some time planetside. He may lend me some capital. Having money makes it easier to make money.

Hopefully I'll be more focused after this weekend and this blog will be worth reading.

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