30 July 2009

A-Riftering I Should Go

My T2 sales are going nicely, and I've moved back above 200M in cash and product. I had a thought today that when time and motivation line up again, I should try to get in some solo PvP just to try and build up my ability to actually fight. I lost my Mammoth to a Drake yesterday while AFK mining in Elgoi. I have a Cyclone in my hangar. True, it is missing a few modules for a nice AC/HAM PvP fit, but that isn't what kept it docked. Even if fitted and ready to go, I just don't have the PvP skills to track down and take out another battlecruiser. It would be crazy silly to even attempt it. I should just slam a bunch of plate on a Rupture, sit on the gate, and try to scram and web him for the regular Minmatar military to deal with him.

My thought today was, why not build or buy half a dozen Rifters, and get them and fittings down to the frontier (to add to my stack of fleet ready Blackbirds). I can run off and lose them with wild abandon.

The problem is, against whom? Yes, Rifters are wonderful little ships, and arguably the best frigate in known space. I can see why pirates love them. I can see why they contribute to fleets. How am I going to use them?

In a solo setting, I expect one needs a lot of patience. I expect pirates sit around doing a lot of waiting, much like PvP fleets in 0.0. A solo PvPer needs to wait for a good target. Pirates have more to choose from than me since I don't care to engage innocents, no matter how dumb they may be (e.g. Churches' Victim). Since I'll have fewer targets to choose from than pirates, I'll have to wait that much longer, but it gets worse.

Pirates tell the wonderful stories of taking down larger ships. Nevermind, those larger ships are usually poorly fitted for the engagement. I know my 40M SP are more than enough for me to fit a Rifter that could take down, or at least survive, an engagement against a mission running battlecruiser or battleship. The problem is, I won't be against mission runners. My target pool will be either pirates looking to see if I'm easy pickings, or Amarr militia. Both of these groups will be fitted for a fight, and if they are alone, they are more than likely, fitted for a solo fight.

If I do go soloing in a Rifter, or anything for that matter, I'm going to be soloing in the deep end.

I'm not sure I'd really learn much having my ship and pod destroyed before I can even pose a threat.


  1. You won't know unless you try though. I've been juggling the idea of doing the same thing.. whether rifter or not, just fitting a bulk of cheap frigs and running as far as they'll take me, seeing what I encounter along the way. I believe it was Mynxee that did the same thing when she first started PvPing, which is where I got the thought. The trick, i think, is just not caring if you do get podded before posing a threat. Even in that case, I'm sure you'll have learned something.

    If you go for it, definitely post what happens. I'd love to hear about it.

  2. 40 million skill points, still no solo PvP experience? Dude comeon! You got this!

  3. I wouldn't say no solo PvP, just no good experiences. Usually I am jumped and die too fast for me to even react.

  4. Lol that has happened to me plenty times before too, I understand :D