24 June 2009


I lost a pod last week while piloting a [-DARK] supplied Scorpion. Of all the poddings I've suffered, that one was probably the most painless. My wetware had been acting up for nearly a week, and during that engagement, it was practically offline. I saw flashes of the Scorpion being attacked, but nothing else registered, save the station walls.

All I can blame it on is the rain.

Maybe I should get a hat. It had been raining here for nearly a week solid. My yard didn't really dry up until yesterday.

This clone has a real annoying itch. It is on the back of my left pinky, between the nail and the first knuckle. What is that, the posterior of the fifth distal phalanges?

What ever it is, it is driving me a little batty. Makes me want to rush out and get podded again just so I can shake this itch.

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