13 June 2009

I Need a Corp

It is official, I need a corp.

I'm enjoying my time in the militia, but militia pick-up fleets are, more times than not, not very well organized. There is entirely too much chatter, not nearly enough discipline, and scores of capsuleers just looking to get in on another killmail.

The problem is, I'm trying to fit capsuleering back into my life. I don't have a dedicated schedule, yet.

I'm debating returning to SG, but I'm still not sold. Last I heard they were a pet corp for the alliance-formerly-known-as BoB. I don't know if I want to get caught up in that. Though, being a retired Rear Admiral, I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to get back into a commission.

Part of the debate with returning to SG, as with any corporation, also centers around returning to 0.0 or remaining in the war against the Amarr. Life beyond the empires is rough. The fighting in the militia pales next to the wars I've been in while in 0.0.

Life beyond the empires is also wildly rich. It is easy for capsuleers to make money, lots of money. The question then is, what to do with that money.

I have no great desire to fly truly expensive ships. I don't care for a carrier. I don't care for any capital ship. I don't even really care for a marauder. The only expensive ships that have ever caught my attention have been the newest line of strategic cruisers. To add to the temptation, I have all the prerequisites for the Loki and Tengu, save the actual ship and subsystem skills themselves.

I do enjoy the logistics. I do enjoy that side of the business just as much as the combat. I know I'll never be an ace combat capsuleer, but I think I could apply myself and be a very competitive industrialist.

I guess I should work on a cover letter and a résumé.

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