22 March 2011

Open Letter to "Wu1f"

First off, I need to say that "Wu1f" is so far beyond lame. It actually pains me to think that someone raised such a person with so little creativity that "Wu1f" was the best they could come up with.

I can only hope that he purchased the character and it pains him every time he has to log in.

As I wind down Odinsdagrting, I am calling for votes to unlock the BPOs so I can sell them and pay the investors. I've gotten a couple of eve-mails from "Wu1f" asking me to stop spamming him. I can't respond, since he has blocked me. If anyone knows "Wu1f", then please pass this on to him:

Mr. Wolf,

Take this as a courtesy and a lesson on how to play Eve.

You, or the corporation that you control, owns one or more voting shares of stock in Odinsdagrting [ODNDT]. As a result, you will receive notification everytime there is a call for a share holder vote.

If you do not wish to vote, you do not have to. If you do not wish to own the stock, feel free to sell it. It is currently traded on the Block Ships and Ammunitions Corporate Stock Exchange (http://www.bsacse.amxg4.com/stocks/index.php).

Vol Jbolaz, CEO

From: Wu1f
Sent: 2011.03.15 17:41
To: Vol Jbolaz,

seriously man stop spamming me.
i have nothing to do with your corp or your alliance so stop sending me these messages i really dont give a shit about these things you want to unlock